Seismic Calculator

Important Notes:
As a manufacturer and supplier of Fire Alarm Systems, Pertronic Industries has no specific expertise in Structural or Seismic Engineering, but provides this calculator as a guide only.
- consult a registered Seismic engineer to confirm these calculations.

This calculator should be used for Building Importance Levels (BIL) 1-3 only : refer to the Component Risk Factor table for details.
- for BIL = 4, consult a registered Seismic engineer or the project's structural engineers to obtain the Lateral Force Co-efficient (C)

This calculation has no legal standing and must be peer reviewed before submission to a BCA in support of a PS1 (or other) Producer Statement.

These calculations are for a wall-mounted Pertronic Fire Alarm Panel. According to NZ4219 4.1, components attached to only one level of supporting structure and subject to only inertial forces, may be designed in accordance with Section 4.2.1 : Static Forces.
Fixings shall comply with Section 3.10
4.2.1 Static forces shall be determined in accordance with AS/NZS1170.0 and NZS1170.5 or NZS4519:2009 Section 3.4.
- Pertronic Industries uses NZS4519:2009 Section 3.4 for guidance.

Panel Mounting:

Zone Factor Z:

Note: the weight MUST include batteries

1=At or below ground; 3=Above ground

Use category: P5, as determined by NZS4512:2021 S

Calculate Earthquake Load Demand and force on each fixing
Lateral Force Coefficient C = 2.7 x Ch x Z x Cp x Rc  
Earthquake Load Demand F = C x W x 9.81Nkg-1  
Force on each Fixing Support Ff = F/Fn