This tool is used to check the suitability of a recorded audio file before being imported into the EA Series Amplifier.  48kHz 16 bit mono wav file is preferred but the tool can accept MP3 files which will be converted.

Click on choose file button then select your recorded wav file then click the upload button.  File loudness is displayed by a waveform and power graph.

Diagnostic Information is provided, depending on the recorded level of your audio file you may be instructed to normalize it. This increases the waveform peaks to 100% and then gains may needed to be applied until the loudness level is adequate. The file can be played or downloaded and imported into the EA Series Amplifiers via a USB drive,  it can be used as part of the amplifiers custom sequence.

AS4428.16:2020 Evac Tone + Message, (Tone 47 x 3)+ "Emergency, Evacuate Now"
AS4428.16:2020 Evac Tone only, (Tone 47 x 3) + Silence for 4 secs (ie. no voice message)"
AS4428.16:2020 Evac sweep + Message, (Tone 2 x 3)  + “Emergency, Evacuate Now”
AS2220.1 Evac + Message, (Tone 1 x 4) + “Emergency, Evacuate Now”
ISO1801 T3 Evac + Message, (Tone 2 x 3) + “Emergency + (Tone 2 x 3) + “Evacuate Now”
AS2220.1 Evac Tone only, (Tone 1 x 4)
ISO8201 T3 Evac Tone only, (Tone 2 x 3)

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Explore our below training video library. Uncover the full potential of the following products:

  1.  EA series high performance amplifier 
  2.  EVAC50W24V evacuation amplifier
  3.  F220 intelligent fire alarm panel
  4.  Analogue addressable Type 5 apartment module

Watch these videos to better understand how to configure our products.

EA Series Amplifiers

EA60 amplifier introduction

Overview of the EA60 amplifier.

Setting the EA60 amplifier RS485 bus type

How to set the EA60's RS485 bus type.

Setting the EA60 amplifier RS485 polling address

How to set the EA60 amplifier RS485 polling address.

Setting the EA60 amplifier led base address

How to set the EA60 amplifier led base address.

Creating a EA60 amplifier custom sequence

Creating a custom sequence from the EA60 amplifiers built in library.

Creating a EA60 amplifier custom sequence with a custom voice

 How to create a EA60 custom sequence using our online text to speech generator.

EA Series Audio Checker demonstration

How the online audio checker is used to check the suitability of recorded audio file.

Change the EA60 amplifier default sequence sound

How to change the EA60's sequence sound.

EA60 amplifier input control and led control mapping

How to change the EA60's Input Control and Led Control mapping.

EA60 amplifier Audio Test Messages

Demonstrate the EA60 amplifiers audio test messages capabilities.

EA60 amplifier defect reporting and logging

Demonstrate the EA60's defect reporting and logging capabilities.

EA60 amplifier VAD output configuration

 Configure the EA60 amplifier VAD output.

EVAC50W24V Amplifier

Reprogramming input 2's default tone on the EVAC50W24V amplifier 

How to reprogram the EVAC50W24V's default tone on input 2

EVAC50W24V amplifier configuration switches demonstration

Demonstrate the EVAC50W24V  amplifier configuration switches.

EVAC50W24V amplifier class change duration

How to adjust the EVAC50W24V amplifier class change duration.

F220 Fire Panel

Upgrading the F220 Fire Panel

How to upgrade the F220 fire panel masterboard and display firmware.

Extender bus learn on F220 & F120A fire panels

How to perform an extender bus learn on the F220 and F120A fire panels.

Apartment Module

Apartment Module in Analogue Mode - F220 Fire Panel 

Setting a F220 fire panel configuration for an Apartment Module in analogue mode.

Apartment Module in Conventional Mode - F220 Fire Panel

Setting a F220 configuration for an Apartment Module in conventional mode.

Apartment Module in Conventional Mode - F100A Fire Panel

Setting up a F100A Fire Panel configuration for an Apartment Module in conventional mode.